Contour Ab Belt Review

The Contour ab toner belt is one of the first ab workout belts to be introduced in the market, and works just as well as some of the other best ab belts available today. Although a bit older than other ab toner belts, the Contour ab belt replicates the same concept as most other ab toning devices — EMS acronym for Electronic Muscle Stimulation.

EMS technology has been around since the 19th century, and today is widely used as a rehabilitation and preventive tool by leading physiotherapists and medical professionals. The contour core sculpting system works by delivering a series of electrical impulses that cause the abdomen muscles to contract, resulting in stronger and toned abs.

There are several benefits of using the Contour ab belt, most notably to achieve an effective ab workout in the comfort of your home, and without performing any hardcore sets of crunches or sit-ups.

The Contour ab workout belt itself is FDA approved as a Class II medical device, owing to the use of EMS medical technology. Furthermore, the Contour belt price is lower than most other ab belt systems, making it a product definitely worth exploring.

Designed for both men and women, the Contour belt sculpting system comes with everything you need to gently shock your abs, and say goodbye to time wasted at the gym.

Without further ado, let’s delve right into what the Contour ab belt is all about, Contour belt reviews, how to use the Contour ab workout belt and more.

What is the Contour Core Sculpting System?

The Contour ab weight loss belt is an FDA approved ab toner that is based on proven EMS technology. When powered on, it penetrates the ab muscles with electrical impulses, causing them to contract, resulting in ab weight loss.

Also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), EMS technology has been used for sport training, and as a rehabilitation and preventive tool since the early 1900’s, and works directly on the ab muscles to strengthen them.

The Contour ab muscle toning system is designed for adults with healthy muscles, and can also be used in combination with other training programs to achieve maximum strength and fitness goals.

This patented ab workout solution is safe and dependable when used as directed, and provides you with up to 199 contractions with each 30 minute session. And this is without even getting into gym gear or performing strenuous sit-ups and crunches.

How does the Contour Ab Belt Work?

The Contour ab belt targets specific muscles, individual muscle fibers and specific muscles, and strengthens and tones them with the help of electronic impulses. With regards to frequency levels and recommended usage, electronic frequencies from the Contour ab belt are rated between 1 and 120 pulses per second.

The effect of the frequency is not the same for all muscles, meaning lower frequencies are for massage benefits, relaxation and muscle recovery, and higher frequencies are geared towards building strength, and firming and toning muscles.

The power of the electric current, also known as intensity determines the amount of muscle fibers stimulated. Few muscles are worked out in a low intensity setting, and more muscles are worked out in high intensity settings.

For an effective ab workout with the Contour belt, you will need to gradually step it up a few notches to the high intensity settings. However, if you’re just getting started with the Contour ab workout belt, it is best to perform a few short warm up sessions with an intensity level between 15-20, which is Level 1 or the Resistance Program.

Once you’ve got your feet wet with this ab toning device, you can begin your first workout session with an intensity level between 15 and 30, after which you will experience extremely satisfying contractions.

How does the Contour Ab Belt Feel?

If you’ve never used an ab belt workout system before, it will take a couple sessions to get used to, given that you’re gently shocking your abs. It is recommended that you use the contour ab workout belt 5 days a week, with each session being between 15-20 minutes.

If you feel discomfort with the stimulation, adjust the intensity level of the ab belt or ensure the gel pads are located in the right location. The Contour ab belt is a one size fits all ab toning belt, so it works great for most individuals.

Manufacturers of the Contour Ab Belt and Package

The Contour ab sculpting system is brought to you by TekSmart Fitness LLC, a company that is backed by a proven track record in designing and manufacturing products that improve the quality of life and well being through the use of EMS technology.

The Contour ab belt comes with everything you need to get started including an informational DVD, meal plan and guide, the ab belt, one-year warranty, gel pads and even a travel backpack.

Getting Started with the Contour Ab Belt

To get started with the Contour ab belt, fasten the device via the included clip and loop for a snugly fit. Next, turn on the device, and select the training program of your choice such as Endurance or Resistance.

The Contour ab belt is appointed with an LCD screen, which also serves as the controller for the device. Simply choose your workout intensity level by pressing the + and – keys and gradually increase/decrease your intensity as you get comfortable.

Contour Ab Belt Maintenance

Unlike some ab toning belts, the Contour ab workout belt is powered by 4 AAA batteries. It arrives with four gel pads, which should be replaced every 20-30 days depending on usage or when you notice wear and tear.

The Contour ab belt system is backed by a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. You can also opt for an extended warranty at an additional cost, which will protect your ab workout belt for one additional year.

Should you buy the Contour Ab Sculpting System

Considering that EMS technology is the backbone of the Contour ab belt, which is a proven medial concept that has been around for centuries, the Contour ab toner belt can definitely help you strengthen and tone your abs when used appropriately.

Adding to this, it is one of the few ab workout electrical belts in the market that is approved for use by the FDA. Although performing crunches, sit-ups and other exercises is not required in combination with the Contour ab belt, you might witness faster results if you do so.

Just like any product you buy, the Contour belt has received a few complaints, mainly regarding ineffectiveness of the product. But it’s worth noting that most if not all negative Contour belt reviews were from obese individuals.

If you’re fall into the obese category, and are considering giving the Contour ab belt a shot, keep in mind that achieving results will take a bit longer than already toned individuals.

All in all, the Contour ab toner is a new revolution in muscle sculpting, and is a widely popular product in its segment, owing to its great price, ease of use and of course effectiveness.